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Weekly Courses and Meditation Groups
Spring 2014

Monday, 7-9 p.m

This 4-week course will provide an introduction to the basics of meditation practice, according to the Buddhist (Theravadan) tradition. It includes concentration and mindfulness (Vipassana) practice, and instruction in how to integrate the practice in everyday life, i.e. stress management, dealing with difficult emotions, developing present moment awareness, etc.
Registrants of this course will have the option to register for our Mindful Living Workshop at a
reduced fee.

Meditation Instructor: Gwen Sears
Start Date: June 2-23, 2014
Cost: $90
Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: The Simple Joy of Being
In this 16-week session, we will cultivate the qualities of mind and heart that enable us to be present, and at ease, with life as it unfolds in each moment of our experience. We will engage in meditation practices to quiet the mind, and investigate the mind-body process with mindful awareness-cultivating an inner stillness, and an opening to the mystery of life and the joy and wonder of ‘being.’ The weekly sessions will include meditation practice, teachings, and awareness exercises.
This course is suitable for anyone who has completed the 8-week Introduction to Meditation course, or has experience with mindfulness practice, and would like to deepen their understanding and practice.                        

Teacher: Susan Child.

Cost: $180  *See information below on Dana         Start Date: May 6, 2014

Thursday, 7-9 p.m. AWAKENING THE HEART:
Natural Awareness, Transcendent Wisdom and the Heart of Love and Compassion

In this 16-week session we will continue* with natural awareness practice, and specific heart practices to awaken to the deep peace and natural joy that exists in being awake in the present moment, when the heart is free of grasping. We will use themes of gratitude, of nature, the preciousness of human life, change, impermanence to support our practice.
This course is suitable for experienced meditators who have developed the ability to rest in stable attention with inner experience. (*Note: It is possible for experienced practitioners who did not attend the winter session to attend this session, with the permission of the teacher).

Teacher: Susan Child
Cost: $180.00  *See information below on Dana    Start date: May 8, 2014

10a.m.-12 noon

Summer Schedule,
10-11 a.m.

The first hour is silent meditation. The second hour is peer-facilitated group discussion on Dharma themes. It is possible to attend the first or second hour, or both. Open to meditators from all traditions. Some meditation experience is required. 

Cost: $10                 Start date: ongoing

One-hour silent meditation. Open to meditators of all traditions. Some meditation experience is necessary.

Cost: $5                 Dates: July and August.

Note: Our regular 2-hour Sunday meditation sessions will resume in September.

COST: In keeping with the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are given freely. The fees are used to help offset the operating costs of the Centre. Meditation instructors and Dharma teachers are paid by Dana (voluntary giving/donation).

Dana Information

Bursaries are available for those experiencing financial hardship, and no one will be turned away because of inability to pay.

For further information, please call (519) 880-1299
or e-mail: info@wrdharmacentre.com

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